Since 1937, Daifuku has focused on material handling - the movement of finished goods and work in progress. Our products serve customers in a range of industries and countries. Our core business is providing automated warehousing, various storage and transport systems, and sorting and picking systems that are optimized for each customer, to distributors including e-commerce, retailers, wholesalers, transportation and warehousing, and to manufactures including food, pharmaceuticals and chemicals.

We have refined our expertise not only as a manufacturer but also as a system integrator, so that we can provide precise solutions to the challenges faced by customers across a variety of industries. We have also established a consistent support system ranging from consulting to after-sales service.

Daifuku's Shiga Works is the world's largest logistics equipment production site, with 11 factories spanning a total of 1.2 million square meters. Our factories produce advanced, quality products backed with 78 years of material handling experience.

Total Support - Logistics

Our automated solutions incorporate the entire process that you would find at a distribution hub including:

  • Arrival into depot
  • Data gathering
  • Simple or complex sortation
  • Flexible loading/dispatch solutions
  • System monitoring and intelligence
  • Operations & Maintenance

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There was a couple of key factors for Courier Post with BCS and first and one was experience with what we were doing as for Courier Post this was the biggest automation project that we were going to take on so we couldn’t afford to take any risks”. BCS led the successful project to consolidate three smaller manual parcel handling centres into one state of the art automated parcel sorting facility.

Mark Gibson - General Manager, Courier Post